The Buzz 4/5/2016

Hi everyone! The Fair is here!! What a FUN and BUSY week we have ahead of us! If you missed yesterday’s lunch meeting…we had a Board Meeting! Nathan brought his two daughters to join us for lunch and then helped at the fairgrounds breaking down the rooms. Thanks Nathan; we like guests, but especially those who don’t mind working! *BINGO:* Last week we had 103 in attendance!! This week WE WILL NOT HAVE BINGO because of the Fair; SUPER BINGO is to be held on Thursday, April 14th. The Panter team is up!! *50/50*: $331.00 in the pot ~ Vernon’s ticket was drawn (no surprise there), however, sadly he didn’t choose the Joker. Better luck next week, Vernon! Be sure to check your email for a special message from Forrest, concerning emails within the club. If you did not receive that email, please let me know Monday at the meeting; as this is the email address I have in the Kiwanis system (a bit different than the Buzz). *Kiwanis Fair* – Forrest reminded everyone at the meeting that we need several members who are able to stay the late shift (until 11:00 or slightly after) during the Fair. Thank you all for your help this week and for your work already…preparing for the Fair! pssst….Wilda will be preparing her tasty desserts this week!! And for you new members…be there no later than 4:45 or you will miss out!! Have a GREAT week and thank you again for all of your hard work! It takes everyone lending a helping hand to achieve our goals as a club, for our community! Tammy

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