The Buzz 06/06/2016

Hi Everyone! Today was a Board Meeting which ran over a bit, so we tabled our discussion on the Haunted House, and will pick that back up next week. Forrest welcomed new member, Larry Dyer. Tom and Linda Patterson celebrated their 50th Anniversary this past Saturday and today is CJ’s birthday….Happy Birthday, CJ! Crystal Huff, assistant manager of Walmart came to the Club today to bring a flyer for the 1st Annual* Summer Fest* that Walmart is putting on at the fairgrounds this Saturday, June 11th. All proceeds benefit the *Children’s Miracle Network *Hospitals. As they are specifically raising funds for a Children’s Hospital at Erlanger in Chattanooga. Please come out Saturday from 11-4 and help with this worth while event…wear your Blue Vest, even if you can only commit to an hour or two, your participation would be very much appreciated. *50/50 – *$617.00 in the pot and it’s still growing because Stan drew the 8 of Hearts….sorry Stan!! *Bingo – *102 people for last weeks Super Bingo. The Panter team is up this week. Remember to mark your calendar for the *4th of July Parade* in downtown Blue Ridge…Saturday, July 2nd! The Kiwanis Club will have a float and would appreciate member participation. The “rookies” are in charge of decorating the float, but anyone else who is interested in helping can certainly do so!! If you have kids or grandchildren who would like to participate by riding on the float and throwing candy….by all means bring them out!! This will surely be fun for everyone involved, but as a club this puts us out there in the community — so make sure to wear your walking shoes and a smile! Have a great week ~ See you next Monday! Tammy

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