The Buzz 06/21/2016

Hi Everyone! We had a large crowd for yesterday’s meeting. Forrest has pushed the tables back further (towards the piano) to accommodate our growing club and guests! Speaking of growth….we held a quick Board Meeting to vote in three new members. Welcome to our new members Tim Wheat, Cathy Cox-Brakefield and Gary Brakefield! Gary K. sponsored Tim & Gary and Eddie A. sponsored Cathy. Also, Tommy ​​ our Membership ​ ​ Drive Chairman has asked that I share with you the new ​membership ​ranking in our Kiwanis ​ district. This is what I saw after imputing the new member info yesterday!! **You have 46 members in your club. * **Your club is ranked 5 out of 144 in our district for net growth (net gain of 11 members)* **Your club is ranked 6 out of 144 in your district for percentage growth (31.4000%)* John Davis Team – 6 Gary Keel Team – 5 Great Job! We can keep this momentum going! Bring in your guests! *Bingo*: 90 people were in attendance last week. The Vannoy Team is up this week! Lets help get the numbers up…PLEASE bring your friends, family and tell others about our Bingo each and every Thursday night! Doors open at 6:00, cards go on sale at 7:00 and games begin at 7:30! *Super Bingo* which is held the first Thursday of the month has a cover-all jackpot of $800, each Thursday of the month following has a $600 cover-all jackpot. In addition, each week there are 6 additional games paying out at $100 each. Also, Ken has plans on adding a new game after July 1st. with a weekly accruing jackpot, until it’s won! *50/50*: My ticket number was called; not even close with a 2 of Clubs. *Fourth of July Parade: *We will have two floats in the Blue Ridge parade on July 2nd. Laurie gave us a little insight as to what she and the “rookies” have planned. The floats will be highlighting the rodeo and our new Halloween Haunted House, while having the theme “The Right to Assemble for a Better Community”. Laurie hopes to have both trailers delivered to the Fairgrounds by this weekend, so that decorating can begin ASAP. Laurie will be available for decorating the floats the evenings of Sat, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday (but it’s Bingo night, so that may not work out) and Friday (she says is *non negotiable*). Please let Laurie know if you’re able to help decorate and/or participate in the parade. Have a great week! See you next Monday! Tammy

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