The Buzz 7/25/2016

Hi everyone! If you missed today’s meeting…we missed you! Richard was back with us today from Florida! Our guest speaker was Larry Chapman with the Fannin County Water Authority. 50/50 – $861.00 in the pot. Stan’s ticket was drawn, but Stan drew the 3 of Clubs. Remember Stan…. always go with the first one you touch! =) Bingo – 86 people were in attendance last week. Hamm team is up this week. This past week was a BUSY week for our Club. First of all, thank you to everyone who came out to help put up Rodeo banners Monday night. (Kevin’s about as good at predicting the weather as the weathermen!) Then on Wednesday evening five faithful Kiwanians went to help Sherry with the grounds at Family Connection. Friday night and Saturday Ted had lots of help with the In-Door Yard Sale, which was a big success. Around $1000.00 was raised, so thank you all for your donations and your time…and thank you Ted for your hard work in spearheading this new fundraiser. Everyone should be in Rodeo mode by now! Remember to keep your calendar free for August 19 and 20. This is a HUGE fundraiser that requires the help of everyone. Yes, it’s a lot of hard work…but we have a lot of fun, as well! And remember why we do what we do! Have a great week! Next Monday will be a Board Meeting! Tammy

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