The Buzz 09/12/2016

Hi Everyone! Today was a Board Meeting…and we had a full house! Juanita Edwards, our soon to be Governor-Elect for Georgia was with us, as well. *BINGO: *There were 99 people in attendance last week. The Vannoy is up this Thursday. Walt reported that the Concessions are going well, however, if you’re not on a Bingo team and would like to help out (or even if you are and would like to help on your off week) — please see Walt. There needs to be three volunteers weekly in order to keep up with the Concessions demand. FREE popcorn to all who volunteer!! =) *Mark your calendars for the following Kiwanis events:* ** Officer Installation Banquet: *Monday, September 26th at 6:00pm at the *Blue Ridge Swim & Tennis Club*. Be sure to sign up for you and your guest. Guests are $15.00, payable at the door. * *Community Service Conference *is scheduled for Wednesday, October 5th from 9am – 1pm at the Fairgrounds. This years theme is “Volunteerism”. * *Can-in 4 Fannin*: Is scheduled for Saturday, November 12th at our local grocery stores and Wal-Mart. * *Fingerprinting of 1st Graders: *will be in October…date undetermined at this time. For the new members, this is something most all of us look forward to. We get to visit the schools and sit in the tiny chairs while praying that the little finger prints we are taking will never have to be used! * *Each Wednesday at 6:00 pm thru October*: Set building for Haunted House starts this Wednesday evening at the Fairgrounds. Members need to have background checks in place before working directly with the students. Please see Ken for background check information. Forrest has the program for next Monday. Our speaker will be Michele Brackin with the *Boys and Girls Club of North Georgia*. Please be sure to join us for a fabulous lunch and a most informative guest speaker. Have a great week! See you all next Monday! ~Tammy

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