The Buzz 10/03/2016

Hi Everyone! Today we had a board meeting — Tom’s first official board meeting. Great job, Tom!! =) *50/50* – now that the pot has started back up we had a jackpot of $137.00. Mike’s ticket was chosen. We still have a jackpot of $137.00 ~ sorry Mikey! *BINGO*: Last week we had 68 people in attendance. This week will be the McConnell team for *SUPER Bingo*! Please tell your friends, neighbors, co-workers about the *$1000.00 JACKPOT*!! *Fingerprinting *(of first graders) is tomorrow morning (Tuesday). We will meet at Blue Ridge Elementary at 11:30. If you’ve never helped out with this service project….this is for sure one of the most fun and rewarding of all! *Community Service Conference* is being held this Wednesday at the fairgrounds from 8:30 – 1:00. We will need volunteers (in blue vests) to help out if you’re available. Also, Steven asked for help at the fairgrounds for set-up of the two rooms *Tuesday at 5:00pm *and again* Wednesday at 5:00* for re-set for Bingo.Just show up if you’re able to help. Thank you!! Next *Monday, October 10th*….we will *NOT* have a lunch meeting, but will be having our *Membership Drive Dinner at 6:00pm *at the fairgrounds! Since it’s a tie between the Keel Team and the Davis Team, Tommy & Forrest will be cooking steaks and baked potatoes for the club. This dinner is for members only…sorry, spouses are not invited this time! Please remember to write down your service hours on the sign in sheet at the meetings. We’re a *very* active club, and I would like to be able to provide accurate service hours to Kiwanis International. When I have to guess at the correct hours for everyone…I’m pretty sure I am shorting the club! Have a great week! See you next Monday night at 6:00! Tammy

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