The Buzz 10/18/2015

Good Morning! If you couldn’t make it to yesterday’s meeting, here’s a little of what you missed. We had a program scheduled, however, they were unable to make it at the last minute due to illness. We still had a full hour long meeting….without a guest speaker! *50/50 *- Jackpot at $171. Tommy’s ticket was pulled. Tommy didn’t choose the Joker =( We know…you’re just letting the pot build back up after Steven’s BIG win! *Concessions *— Walt is still looking to build Concessions Teams and needs volunteers! His goal is to have 4 Concession Teams consisting of 3 people each. So far, 5 Kiwanians have volunteered — need 7 more! If you’re not on a Bingo team, please contact Walt about helping out. This would be once a month working the concession stand. You would be able to leave shortly after intermission. Please give Walt a call at 770-853-3524. If you’re new and are not familiar with how Bingo and the Concession stand operates….please go and see for yourself this Thursday night — take your wife and let her play Bingo! *Fingerprinting — *of first graders takes place this morning at 8:45 at West Fannin and 12:30 at East Fannin. If you’re available to help….just show up! It’s a fun and rewarding service project — just seeing the smiles on the kids faces makes it worthwhile. Oh and the stories you hear from them =) *Haunted House — *Ed reported that he and the students will be working every night this week at the fairgrounds. Help is needed after Bingo Thursday evening to break down the two Bingo rooms. Set construction will begin Friday morning at 9:00 am. Next *Tuesday at 8:00 pm*, all Kiwanians (and their spouses & family) are invited and are encouraged to attend the “Haunted House Open House”. Afterwards, you will be asked for your honest opinion! *Please attend*!! We went into a quick board meeting for a couple of items. Ken wanted to discuss *Black Friday Bingo* with the board and the club. It was decided that we will have a $2500 Jackpot with a $40.00 buy-in. In the advertising, we will state limited seating. Everyone who attends that night will be a paid player. Will look into having a TV raffle, as that is always a big hit for Black Friday Bingo. If you’re available and are Bingo certified….mark your calendar to come help out. It will be busy and extra Kiwanians will be appreciated! Ken handed out Bingo applications at yesterdays meeting! If you want to be Bingo certified…get those back in ASAP! Have a great day! See you all next week! Tammy

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