Thank you for participating in the Inaugural Blue Ridge Kiwanis Gun Raffle! Below are the firearms that we are raffling.

Ticket sales have been extended through NOVEMBER 14th and our NEW RAFFLE START DATE is NOVEMBER 15th!

Here’s the way it works: simply buy a ticket and you’ll be assigned a unique number from 000 to 999. Once the raffle starts, we will use the Georgia Lottery Cash 3 Numbers (Evening -7pm drawing) every evening for 30 days. The ticket that matches the Pick 3 number WINS!
Click Here for the rules and regulations
Click Here to buy your tickets (this link will open a new page for our secured Credit Card Transaction website)

Ruger Mini-14


Model 5801

Del-Ton Echo 216


Model RA2M16

S&W M&P-15


Model 10202

Bushmaster XM-15


Model 90291

S&W M&P15-22

.22 LR

Model 10208

Henry Golden Boy

.22 LR

Model H004

Henry Golden Boy

22 WMR

Model H004M

Browning X-Bolt

.243 Win

Model 035208211

Ruger American SS


Model 6922

Ruger 10/22 Target

.22 LR

Model 1121

Ruger Bearcat

.22 LR

Model 0912

Uberti 1858

.45 LC

Model 1005

S&W BG380

.380 Auto

Model 10178

S&W M&P Shield

.45 Auto

Model 180022

S&W SW22

.22 LR

Model 108490

Steyr M9-A1


Model 397232k

FN 509


Model 6610002

Ruger MkIII Target

.22 LR

Model 10159

Springfield EMP


Model P19208

Ruger 9E Standard


Model 3341

Ruger SR1911

.45 Auto

Model 6702

Ruger SR22

.22 LR

Model 3600

Ruger LCP II

.380 Auto

Model 3750

Springfield XDS FDE


Model XDS9339DEE

Springfield XD MOD2


Model XDG9101HC

Glock 27

.40 S&W

Model PG2750201

Glock 19


Model P1950203

Glock 42

.380 Auto

Model U14250201

Glock 43


Model P14350201


Silver Reserve – 12 GA


Model 75412

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